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TV Installation Gold Coast

TV antenna installation Gold Coast

Pugin Power provides all the services you need for a first class TV setup including expert TV installation, wall mounting and tuning as well as antenna installation, upgrades or correction of reception problems. Our professional electrical team can also help you get the best audio-visual experience from your home theatre system.


TV antenna installation

The correct positioning of a new TV antenna can mean the difference between great TV reception and constant dropouts. Over time the landscape around your home gradually changes, trees grow, new buildings pop up and transmitter towers upgrade. The best place for your new antenna may not be where the old one was. Our experienced electricians can assess your TV signal and ensure the antenna is placed to provide your home with the best reception possible.

Home theatre installation

Want to take your home entertainment to the next level? Professional home theatre installation will ensure you are maximising all aspects that your home entertainment system has to offer. Our services include:

  • TV wall mounting
  • placement of speakers, subwoofer and sound bar
  • TV point installation or upgrade
  • integration of PVR, DVD or Blu-ray player
  • integration of streaming devices - Apple TV etc
  • integration of sound systems

TV and antenna services Gold Coast

Contact Pugin Power for all your TV and antenna installation, setup and tuning services across the Gold Coast on 1300 150 753 or complete our booking request today.