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Safety Switch

Electrical safety switch installation & testing Gold Coast

Protect your family from electrical accidents by installing a safety switch on every circuit in your home. Pugin Power electricians offer the installation, repairs, and testing of electrical safety switches or RCD's across the Gold Coast.


Why do we need safety switches?

It's mandatory in Queensland to have a safety switch or an RCD fitted to the power point circuit of every home or rental property.

Safety switches are often confused with the circuit breakers found in all home switchboards. Both pieces of electrical equipment have an important, but very different, job. Circuit breakers or fuses protect the building's wiring from overloads caused by things like excessive demand on a single power point (too many double adaptors or power boards).

A safety switches function is to monitor the electricity current flow along a circuit, detect even small changes and very quickly cut the power to avoid electrical accidents. In short, circuit breakers protect the wiring and safety switches protect people from electric shock injury.

Safety Switch
Switchboard with safety switch

Testing the safety switch

It's important to test the safety switch regularly to ensure it works effectively when you really need it. Testing is easy all you have to do is press the 'Test' or 'T' button on the safety switch, check that the power has been cut to the power points around your home, and flick the switch back to the ON position.

If you would like help testing your RCD or are having trouble switching it back on give our Gold Coast electricians a call on 1300 150 753.

RCD services on the Gold Coast

Contact Pugin Power for all your safety switch or RCD requirements throughout the Gold Coast on 1300 150 753 or complete our online booking request today.

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