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Electric Hot Water Repairs

Hot water element and thermostat repair

No hot water? Is your hot water running out much faster than usual? Does your electric hot water system take a long time to heat up? One of the most common causes of hot water issues in electric storage hot water systems is a faulty elements or thermostat.


Electric storage hot water element replacements

Is your electric storage hot water system less than 10 years old and struggling to generate hot water? An element replacement could restore your hot water and extend the life of your system.

Some water conditions can shorten the usable life of the element causing it to corrode. Hard water conditions can also affect the element causing a mineral scale build up which can lead to overheating and eventual failure.

Thermostat replacement

An increase in home energy costs can be a result of a faulty thermostat. If the thermostat is not working correctly it can heat the water in the hot water system storage tank more than necessary resulting in a blown out power bill.

Electric hot water system repairs Gold Coast

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