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The best solar system installation, repair & maintenance

Pugin Power offers complete solar system services for homes and businesses throughout the Gold Coast, Logan, and Brisbane Southside. Our experienced solar installers will help you choose the right solar panel system for your needs and install it quickly and efficiently.

Pugin Power always give competitive prices and a solar installation team with extensive experience to ensure your solar system is installed correctly so you can start saving money on your power bill now! 

We also offer solar panel system repairs, maintenance and efficiency testing so, whatever your solar power needs, call Pugin Power on 1300 150 753 or complete our solar booking form below.


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Benefits of solar power

Installing a solar power system on your home or business has myriad benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Endless clean and renewable energy source
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your property
  • Save heaps of money on electricity bills
  • Custom designed solar system for your property
  • May be eligible for government solar rebates

Government solar rebates & incentives

If you go solar, you may be eligible for a solar rebate from the Australian government. It can greatly reduce the initial outlay for the purchase and installation of your solar system but the amount you receive is based on when your property resides. Our current incentives for properties in Queensland are as follows:

Solar feed-in tariffs

When your solar panel system is installed and producing solar power, you’ll be reimbursed a financial credit for extra energy that you do not use in your property. This credit is called a solar feed-in tariff and it credits you for each kWh that is exported to the grid and typically results in money off your next electricity bill.

Small scale technology certificates (STCs)

When you purchase a solar system, your system will be accredited with a number of Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) depending on the size of your system. The federal government uses the total value of these STCs to determine your solar rebate amount. 

To learn more about solar feed-in tariffs and STCs, visit 

What size solar power system do I need?

The size of the solar power system that you require depends on several factors including your property’s electricity usage, the amount of roof space that is available for the solar panels and your budget. Our team can work closely with you to advise the best solar options in line with your specific needs. 

Read our blog “What size solar system do I need?” for more information.

What makes up a solar power system?

There are 3 main components that you will need for your solar system: solar panels,  inverter(s) and the racking or mounting for the solar panels.

The process (put simply) involves sunlight hitting the solar panels on your roof and this solar energy is converted into DC current. The solar inverter is key in the process as it changes the electricity from DC current to AC, which is what you require to power your home.

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Solar power services

Solar power specialists Gold Coast, Logan & Brisbane

Let our solar power experts at Pugin Power take care of all your solar installation, repair, maintenance and efficiency needs. We work closely with you to listen and advise to provide the best solar service from the Gold Coast up to Brisbane Southside! 

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What size solar system do I need?

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