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Interconnected smoke alarm installation Gold Coast

Homeowners on the Gold Coast! Pugin Power's licenced electricians specialize in smoke alarm installation, testing and repairs. We want to make sure your home is compliant with the new Queensland Smoke Alarm legislation and that your family is safe. With a working interconnected smoke alarm system, you can rest assured knowing that you're prepared in case of an emergency.

Don't wait until it's too late to get your smoke alarms checked. Pugin Power offers affordable and reliable services that will give you peace of mind. We'll work with you to ensure that your smoke alarms are installed correctly and meet all safety standards.

Keep your family or residents safe with a working smoke alarm system. Book a Pugin Power smoke alarm specialist today.


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Smoke alarm installation on the Gold Coast

The updated Queensland Smoke Alarm legislation increased the number of smoke alarms required in homes, particularly adding alarms in bedrooms. The legislation also requires smoke alarms to be interconnected, providing the best chance of escaping a fire for everyone in the house. If your home or rental property has yet to upgrade your smoke alarm system to the new requirements our electricians can take care of it for you.

Our team will assess your current smoke alarms and provide advice on whether a hardwired smoke alarm system or an interconnected battery-operated system would suit you. Both styles can be retrofitted to your existing home electrical system depending on the design of your home.

For an update on the latest smoke alarm requirements - New smoke alarm requirements for Gold Coast homes

Smoke alarm testing

Regular testing of smoke alarms ensures they are ready to work when you need them most. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services recommend smoke alarms be tested by residents at least once a month to ensure they are always working effectively.

Rental properties are required to undergo professional smoke alarm testing to comply with state and federal regulations. Our testing services include both hardwired 240v smoke alarms and 9v battery-operated smoke detectors.

Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarm maintenance services

Scheduling regular professional smoke alarm maintenance is essential for peace of mind and the protection of your home and family. Pugin Power smoke alarm servicing can include:

  • inspection of all smoke alarms
  • testing of all smoke alarms
  • replacement of expired, damaged or faulty smoke alarms
  • installation of additional smoke detectors where needed
  • cleaning of detectors
  • replacement of 9-volt batteries or smoke alarms over 10 years old
  • a review of hardwired smoke alarm electrical connections
  • ensure your property meets the relevant QLD smoke alarm legislation standards
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Your local Gold Coast smoke alarm specialists

Keep your home fire safe with Pugin Power's Gold Coast smoke alarm service. Our team of licenced electricians will ensure your home or rental property adheres to Queensland's smoke alarm legislation with expert smoke alarm installation, testing, and maintenance of both hardwired 240-volt and long-lasting battery-powered smoke alarms.

Contact Pugin Power for all your smoke alarm testing, installation, and maintenance services across the Gold Coast on 1300 150 753 or complete our smoke alarm service booking request today.

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