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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans installed on the Gold Coast

Keep cool for less this summer with ceiling fan installation from the electrical team from Pugin Power. Our electricians can carry out the wiring and fitting of a huge range of fans in your house, apartment, or unit on the Gold Coast.


Ceiling Fans Gold Coast

How to choose a ceiling fan

There is an enormous selection of ceiling fans available, allowing homeowners to create a once of a kind design for their homes from tropical oasis to contemporary or industrial chic. Choosing the right fan for your décor can be daunting, to say the least. Keep in mind a few simple practical points to help narrow down the selection.

  • Size - In order to provide enough cooling for the whole room, your fan must be in proportion to the area needing to be cooled.
    • up to 12m sq - approx 106 cm
    • up to 18m sq - approx 120 cm
    • up to 30m sq - approx 130 cm
    • up to 40m sq - approx 140 cm
  • Blade pitch - the more angle in the blade the more air flow the fan produced. If it's a very hot room you might select a fan with more of a pitch. However, some people don't like a constant strong wind blowing down on them, especially when they sleep.
  • Lights - if your new fan is being installed in a room with a central light or over the top of downlights you may want to choose a ceiling fan with light fitted to prevent a strobe lighting effect occurring.
  • Remote controlled fans - most brands offer a range of fans with remote control great for use in homes for with mobility issues or bedrooms. Using a remote also cuts back on the wiring and switches needed for the fan.
  • Outdoor use - make sure you purchase a fan specifically made to withstand outside conditions like moisture and wind.

How many ceiling fan blades is best?

More blades on a fan don't always mean more air movement, however, it does equate to slightly more energy used to operate the fan. Usually, if you're investing in a quality ceiling fan the number of blades is more of a personal or design preference than one of efficiency or effectiveness.

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Your local ceiling fan installaiton specialists

Once you have decided on the size and style of fan give our electrical team a call on 1300 150 753 or complete our booking request form for professional and reliable ceiling fan installation on the Gold Coast.