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Urgent Electrical Gold Coast

Our electricians can respond quickly for critical electrical issues

Need an electrician for an urgent issue? Our electricians are local to the Gold Coast so can respond quickly when needed for issues requiring immediate attention (business hours only). Call 1300 150 753 for expert advice and services from out experienced electricians.


Critical electrical services

We offer a full range of crucial electrical services during business hours including:

We can help with most electrical issues, if the electrical service you're looking for is not listed here just give our service team a call, we're sure to be able to assist.

What happens when I call?

When you contact our electrician your call is answered by our team member who is ready to respond to a range of urgent electrical issues. He or she will provide any immediate advice relevant to your electrical problem to ensure you, your family and your property remain safe, as well as an estimated arrival time.

Our team carry a large selection of supplies and parts to carry out critical electrical repairs or to restore power to your home. Occasionally additional parts or extensive repair work are needed, if this is the case our team member will aim to provide a safe but temporary fix until the work can be scheduled during business hours.

No power?

Call Energex on 13 62 62 to report a power outage in your area or visit energex.com.au/home/power-outages for information on planned or emergency outages in your area.

No record of a mains power outage in your street? Do your neighbours have power? Is your home the only one without power? Check your home's safety switch, located in the switchboard, to see if it has tripped. More information on what to do if it has tripped read our blog post - What to do when the safety switch goes off.

Still unsure or can't get the power back on? Give our electrical team a call on 1300 150 753.