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  • How does a safety switch work?

    One mistake can put you at risk of electric shock. For example, if an appliance comes in contact with water and you turn it on, it might give you an electric shock. When it comes to electrical safety - the more you have, the better it is. It is especially true if you have small chil...

  • How often do you need a Test and Tag service?

    Maintain workplace electrical safety with a regular test and tag service A test and tag service is conducted to ensure electrical safety in your workplace. The equipment is visually inspected for defects and damage. Electrical tests are also conducted on the equipment to measure ...

  • Which smoke alarms are the best?

    Smoke is a silent killer. Protect your family with smoke alarms. House fires are common in Australia, needless to say, a functional smoke alarm can alert you in a timely way and help you and your family members escape. Not...

  • Electrician v/s Electrical Contractors

    When you need an electrical job done, who do you call? In your quest to find a local sparky, you might have also stumbled across the term “electrical contractors”. The terms electrician and