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The surprising impact weather has on your electrical system

Queensland is one of the warmest regions in Australia and is a holiday destination for many people due to its beautiful warm climate. However, Queensland has also experienced severe weather conditions, such as extreme heat, severe storms, and cyclones, and in some regions widespread flooding that has caused damage to whole towns, properties, homes, and businesses.

Lightning storm

When mother nature throws extreme weather conditions our way, they can cause large-scale power outages. It's mainly during storms, as power lines are susceptible to breaking and falling due to strong winds, or lightning strikes. When power lines are damaged it can interrupt the power supply to homes and businesses.

Therefore knowing how weather impacts different types of electrical systems, will help you take preventive action before things go wrong. As the saying goes 'Prevention is better than a cure'. Also being able to identify strange sounds or behaviour coming from an appliance and knowing when there's something off with the system, will help you take steps towards protecting yourself and having them fixed before further damage is caused.

Safety steps to protect your electrical system

Electrical safety is one of the most important aspects of any home. When good electrical safety systems are in place your family and home will have a safeguard from power surges, electrical accidents, lightning strikes, and voltage spikes. So for peace of mind, why not speak to a licensed electrician to discuss your electrical safety needs and be prepared should the unexpected happen?

safety switch

When it comes to electrical safety the more you have the better it is.

  • Safety Switches - are designed to protect people, they monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit, When it detects any fluctuations in the current they will automatically switch off the power supply.
  • Surge Protectors - are devices that shield computers and other electronic devices and appliances from surges in electrical power or transient voltage that flows from the power supply. Even though a power surge is often brief it can cause considerable damage to equipment that may be connected to mains power.
  • Circuit Breakers - are designed to protect electrical circuits, as they protect electrical circuits from overload, and are very different from safety switches.