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Why is it important to use a licenced and insured electrician?

We're sure many people ask themselves this before making a booking or service call with their electrician. 'Could I manage to do it myself and save a few bucks? Surely I could'. After about two minutes of searching the internet, you can easily find step by step instructions on doing just about any electrical job, from replacing a light switch to rewiring a whole house.

This, however, does not mean you should give it a try. Here's why.


We also found several instructional videos on how to fight a bear, tips for swimming with sharks, plus a beginners guide to walking in a live volcano while we were cruising the internet. (OK, maybe we made the last one up.) All of which is seriously dangerous and life-threatening things to do. Having a go at your own electrical work (if you're not a licenced electrician ) is just as risky.

Each year or team are called to homes and businesses throughout the Gold Coast to correct DIY electrical work, most of which could easily have caused electrical accidents or a fire. Our electricians have to keep up to date with all latest standards, regulations, legislation, and safety procedures to ensure any electrical work we carry out is safe up to industry standards.

Electricity can be deadly if not treated carefully. For the safety of everyone who comes into your home or business never attempt your own electrical work.


It seems we need insurance for just about everything these days. Insurance to drive the car, insurance to play sport, insurance to travel, we're even taking out pet insurance to protect little Toto in case he gets swept up in a freak tornado (again).

However, when it comes to electrical work insurance cover is there for a very good reason. A licenced electrician must have insurance to protect you, your property and anyone who uses the electrical equipment or systems he works on just in case something goes wrong.

Following on from this most home insurance policies require all electrical work to be carried out by a licenced and insured electrician. If there is an accident or fire in your home, and it is found to be caused or linked to electrical work which wasn't undertaken by such an electrician most insurance companies won't cover damages or claims and you could be out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs.

When considering doing your own electrical work to save a few dollars, think again, it could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Not sure if your electrician is licenced and insured?

You can do a quick search on the Queensland government's Worksafe website to find out if the electrical contractor you've asked to do a job has a current QLD electrical licence.

Worksafe Queensland

The site also gives you examples of the types of work allowed under the different licences held by the electrical company or individual electrician.

Ask your electrician to show you his or her insurance certificate of currency. This is a common request so don't worry about asking to see it as most tradespeople are happy to show you. (And if they not it might be a good idea to get a new electrician.)

Please note: Other countries (such as the USA) don't have the same electrical laws as we do in Australia which is why it seems commonplace to carry out your own work when you're searching the internet for information.