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Why using your air conditioner to heat your home is a good idea

There seems to be a popular misconception that air conditioners are very expensive to run. That switching the air conditioner on during hot summer days or cold winter evenings is a luxurious treat. In reality using your air conditioner to heat or cool your home is actually one of the most energy efficient methods if done correctly.

Using a reverse cycle air conditioner for heating

A reverse cycle air conditioner is an economical heating choice for your home, only using around 33 to 40 cents an hour to run, which is significantly less than many other styles of electric heaters.

Ideal temperature setting

Keep the thermostat at a comfortable 18°C, this is the most effective temperature setting for your air conditioner during the winter. Maintaining this temperature will allow your air con to operate at it's most efficient level. Each degree higher can increase running costs by 10%.

Large room heating solution

A split system reverse cycle air conditioning system is an ideal winter climate control choice for medium to large rooms or open plan living areas. If you're short on space and need to warm several rooms a multi-split system offers a multi-room heating method which covers more than one room with a single outdoor unit.

Reverse cycle is a much more effective heating option for larger areas than gas or electric space heaters.

Boost heating with a ceiling fan

Utilise the ceiling fan to reduce heating costs.

As the hot air naturally rises most of the heat in the room gradually travels up towards the ceiling. Experiment by carefully standing on a chair in an average sized heated room, it's a lot warmer up by the ceiling.

A ceiling fan switched to the winter setting will help to recirculate the warm air back through the room, reducing the need to increase the air conditioners temperature settings to maintain a comfortable warmth.

Heating and cooling in one

If you're deciding whether to invest in a reverse cycle air conditioner or a cool only model, definitely go with the reverse cycle option. The small price difference at purchase is far outweighed by the convenience of having home heating and cooling at the touch of a button all from the single appliance.

More stars the better

Don't forget to take note of the star rating of air conditioner models when shopping around for a new system. Paying a bit more for a 5 Star rated model will, in fact, save you money on running costs in the longer term.

Economic home heating using your air conditioner

Warming your home with a reverse cycle air conditioner is as easy as switching the mode from cool to warm. Why not take advantage of this fantastically convenient appliance to heat your home this winter?

For more information on using your air conditioner during winter or specialist advice on the ideal system for your home speak to our experienced Gold Coast electricians on 1300 150 753 or complete our service request form today.