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Why spring cleaning your air conditioner is a great idea

For some spring cleaning is a chance to get rid of old junk and really open up the house to give it a really good freshen up. To others, the thought of a big cleanout is enough to send them back under the winter doona. Whichever way you look at it, giving your house a good clean once a year is good for your family's health.

Dust and mold build up around the home can be the cause of many health issues, from skin conditions and allergies, to asthma and the plague. OK, maybe not the plague but you get the idea.

This dynamic duo (mold and dust) lurk in places you may never think to look, like inside the air conditioner . If you've never cleaned your air conditioner it could be home to bacteria, mildew, fungi and dirt and other nasties, even after a single years use. On the first steaming hot day of summer when you switch it on to cool the house down all that noxious muck is going to be blown out through the air conditioner and into the air inside your home.

How to clean the air conditioner?

Hopefully, we've convinced you that it's a great idea to give the air con a spruce up before summer. So where do you start?

Important note - Always turn off the air conditioner at the switch board before carrying out any work on the unit.

What you can do

Some of the basic cleaning tasks are easy for anyone to carry out. Models will differ slightly as to the correct method so consult your air conditioner operation manual for specific instructions but make sure you include these tasks in your home air con clean.

  • Place a drop cloth or cover over anything under the system to protect the area. Remove the filter from the front of the indoor unit and give it a wash in warm soapy water. Make sure it dry's out fully before replacing it in the unit.
  • Clear the area around the outdoor unit of dirt and garden debris to ensure the air entering the house is clear of dust.
  • Cut back any foliage which has grown over the outdoor condenser unit.

What to leave for the professionals

The other parts of the air con are not so easy to reach to clean and can involve working with or around the electrical components. In some cases, you could void your warranty if an unlicenced person accesses these areas. We recommend using one of the many professional air conditioner cleaning companies or air conditioners technicians who offer deep cleaning service to safely keep it in top condition.

Don't forget the air conditioner service

Scheduling in the annual air conditioner service for this time is a great idea too as it will ensure the system is ready to cool your home when the weather gets hot. Plus, the service can identify any repairs needed and get them sorted before the summer as well.