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Simple tips to prevent blocked drains

Simple tips to prevent blocked drains

Based on our research we have found that there is a lot of searches done around how to unblock a drain. This would lead us to believe that this is a common problem for most households. This post is aimed at those households as we will be explaining the absolute best way possible to unblock your drains.

Prevention is better than cure

This would have to be one of the oldest sayings that we can remember. We have all heard it more times than we would like to admit. Fortunately, it is evidently too true. So with that said we are going to delve into what preventative measures we can all do to help prevent the dreaded blocked drain

Be careful what you put down your drain

Seems simple but how many people actually worry about what goes down the sink. Oil, coffee, food, sanitary products, way too much toilet paper and hair just to name a few common ones. These things all seem to find there way down your drain and eventually block it up causing you to either get a professional out or even worse put your family at risk of sickness due to the drain blockage.

Simple cost effective fixes

For some money is an issue so going out and buy the next drain unblocker 5000 isn't really feasible. A simple fix would be to collect coffee jars and fill them with oil from the pan after every meal until they are full then discard them. Ensure to run hot water down the drain after you have finished doing the dishes.

Common things to consider

Dirty Plates

Prior to putting your dishes in the sink try first to ensure they are as clean as possible by scraping any food scraps with into a compost bin or a normal bin then give the plate a quick wipe down with a paper towel which you can then discard into the bin. This will not only minimise the amount of food from getting down your drain it will also make for faster washing up time as well.

A simple fix for a food disposal unit to help ensure that it is clean is to make 50/50 mix of vinigar and water ice cubes to put through it. What this will do it smash the ice cubes into small pieces which will then be flung into any food that maybe latching onto the inside of the pipe. The acidity of the vinigar will also help in killing bacteria and aid in removing the debris. Then once it has knocked it off the ice will melt and pass through the drain as normal.

We all know it is easy to throw sanitary products into the toilet (even the companies claim it's ok to do so). Unfortunately, over time these toilet friendly products can actually clog your toilet system. To avoid this from happening it is advised they the products be discarded into a bin than in the toilet.

Large Flow Flush

You can do what is called a large flow flush which is when you fill your sink to the top then pull the plug out and let all the water drain out. This is the equivelant of getting a large bucket of water and pouring it straight down your drain. This will help to flush away any stubborn debris that may be in your drain

Drain Strainer for Kitchen
Drain Strainer

It may be wise to consider to invest in a new drain for your kitchen sink that allows for catchment of larger food debries. These particular type of drains are called a drain strainer.

Pop-up Stopper
Pop-up Stopper

Hair is a difficult one as it comes out whenever it feels like it. Whether in the shower or by brushing your hair infront of the vanity mirror. There are various products on the market that are designed specifically to catch hair on its way down the drain to stop it from being able to clog your drain. These would then become an invaluable asset to any drain and will pay for themselves over time.