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Solar Panel Installation

Looking for solar panel system installation on the Gold Coast?

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Gold Coast residents can easily leverage solar energy with solar panel system installation on their rooftops. Solar energy is clean, has low running costs, and good for our environment. With financial incentives and affordable solar panel installation services, there are a plethora of benefits to switching your home to solar power.

At Pugin Power, we are serious about solar energy. Our solar installers will ensure you get the best solar panel system customised to your property and your power needs. Book a solar panel installation quote with our friendly solar electricians today.


Top quality and reliable solar panel installation

We offer quality solar installation services, a wide selection from leading solar brands, and affordable solutions. There are many companies offering solar panels but not all of them are reliable and some will struggle to last the life of your system. That’s why we only offer high-quality solar panels, solar inverters and other components. Our CEC Accredited installers will design a solar PV system suitable for your property so you get an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Solar Panels

What to look in from your solar panel installer?

  • Design of solar system should be done by CEC Accredited Solar Designers and installation by CEC Accredited Solar Installers.
  • Your quote should specify all the components - panels, batteries and inverters with the quantity, model number and brand, STCs, and cost of labour and parts.
  • Genuine solar prices and no aggressive sales techniques.
  • Practical advice on solar panel installation.
  • In-house installation.
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Why choose Pugin Power for your solar needs?

  • We are CEC Accredited solar installers and committed to following the best-practices.
  • All our solar installers have appropriate licenses and certification to carry out the job perfectly the first time. We do NOT sub-contract solar system installations.
  • We offer practical advice on the right solar panel, inverters and batteries suitable for your property.
  • From the solar panel and inverters selection, positioning to a detailed solar quote, we are committed to offering reliable solutions.
  • We have extensive experience installing solar panels for both residential and commercial customers.

Trusted, professional solar panel installation Gold Coast

For the very best in solar panel installation throughout the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane southside contact Pugin Power on 1300 150 753 or complete our solar panel installation request form today.