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Blocked Drains

Do you have a blocked drain that needs unblocking?

Over time drains can develop blockages for a range of reasons. Ignoring the issue can mean problems continue to worsen and you could find yourself with a foul-smelling odour coming from the drain, not to mention encouraging the growth of bacteria and germs. In extreme cases, blocked drains can cause flooding throughout your home or pose a health risk.

Contact your local plumber to attend to partially blocked drains as soon as possible to avoid any larger problems.

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Don't worry blocked drains happen to nearly every household on the planet, and there are numerous reasons as to why blockages occur. It could be any of the following or a combination of them all:

  • a build-up of hair
  • 'Flushable' wet wipes
  • sanitary products
  • paper towels
  • small toys
  • food scraps
  • leaves or garden debris

Preventing clogged drains

Of course, it is a lot simpler than you may think too. One of the best preventative measures is actually just being careful of what gets put down your drains.

You can also take extra steps such as running hot water down your drain after each use. You can even take that one step further by putting a handful of baking soda down the drain first then running hot water. This is because baking soda is also an amazing cleaning agent and is really good at removing odours leaving your drain smelling a lot better.

For stubborn odours, you can put a cup of vinegar down the drain and leave it for around half an hour. After the time is up pour down some boiling water. This works exceptionally well because vinegar contains acetic acid which happens to be brilliant at removing organic buildup in your pipes.

How do I unblock my drain?

There are numerous tutorials and guides throughout the internet that explain different techniques and ways in which to unblock your drains. However, you need to know that sometimes it isn't something that you can fix yourself with a simple home remedy.

These are the times where you need to call in the professionals. Our team of plumbers are the real answer to that question. If you find that you aren't able to fix your blocked drain we're ready to help you.

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Pugin Power has been providing electrical services to the Gold Coast and Brisbane's south for many years. We have recently expanded to offer our customers with a reliable and professional plumbing service. Our plumbers are fully licenced, insured and provide the same great service you've come to expect from Pugin.

For all your plumbing needs across the Gold Coast and Brisbane's southern suburbs, give our team a call. You can contact us on 1300 150 753 or complete our quick online service request today.

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