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Ducted Air Conditioning

Complete ducted air conditioning installation & repairs

Here at Pugin Power we understand that being hot and sticky is a horrible feeling. If your fans are no longer able to keep you cool, perhaps now is the time to install a ducted air conditioning unit. These types of Air Conditioners give you the ability to set the tempreture of your entire home.


Benefits of a Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

  • Even air distribution which cools your entire home more quickly with no warm spots
  • Ducted Air Conditioning units are generally quiet due to the unit being outside of the room
  • Energy saving as you only have one fan going to cool your entire home instead of several. The ability to turn off the ducts to rooms that are not occupied also helps to save on energy
  • Ducted Air Conditioning only require vents in each room which can be flush mounted with the ceiling to provide a uniform finish
  • Some units have set and forget timers which allow for the system to turn on during the hotter hours and turn off once your home is cool

Ducted Installation

We offer a wide range of Ducted Air Conditioning units that can suit your needs and budget. Our expert Air Conditioning technicians can help you with the design and installation of your Ducted Air Conditioning Unit.

Repairs and Servicing

There is no point in having a Ducted Air Conditioning unit if it doesn't work. Our technicians can also repair and service current Air Conditioning units to ensure they are in working condition when you need them most.

So if you would like to have Ducted Air Conditioning installed in your home then give us a call on 1300 029 795 or alternatively you can fill in our Job Booking form.